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Apartment 4M

2009-2010 / Old apartment condominium.

Location: Pocitos, Montevideo, Uruguay
Building date (Original): 1933
Building date (Renewal): 2010
Area: 77 m2

Structure: Santiago Ham
Drains: Pablo Lema
Project Images: Javier Colasso
Photos: Daniela Soto
Staff: Mercedes Carriquiry, Lucia Leal, Paula Redondo  

Specification / Apartment 4M / (dwelling between 4 party
walls )  


A condominium of 15 apartments,
on a plot of 4.000m2, was built at the beginning of the last century. The units
are divided into two levels, and most of them are lit and ventilated by


The apartment is in the centre of the field, on the second level. On another
one  of similar dimensions

The original typology was a four room
structure joined by a steel and glass gallery, longitudinally placed, with services at the ends.

03 / THE JOB

Asked by their owners (a young couple dedicated to photography and mathematics)
supposed the transformation of the old building, a family inheritance, in
spaces that enhanced and beautified new ways of living.


The project defined and consolidated a central space (for daily activities and
social events) by joining the two central rooms   overlooking
the open terrace.

Its north orientation and projection onto a neighbouring roof preserve privacy as
well as gain an outdoor space that amplifies the spatial experience.  This outdoor space can be used in different
ways depending on the season and the type of material placed on the metal
structure. (mats, tents, poles, etc).

Services, kitchen and bathroom,
were recovered at the ends and a toilet, adjacent to the kitchen, was built.

The original woodwork doors, door frames and baseboards were preserved and
restored.  Small pieces of the original
material were left in all the spaces, as a witness of the time goes by.

The pitch pine floors of the
three main rooms were restored and integrated  with new  pavements .

Finally, the department gets  a garden open to possible new ways of use and
ownership, diluting its Mediterranean condition, within the block.